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Class 2

Autumn Term

For Remembrance Day, we made poppies. We have displayed them in our school window to look like a field of poppies. We talked about how the poppy was a sign of hope for the soldiers. 
In English, we designed our own pirate settings. We thought about different noun phrases that we could use to describe them. 
Next, we are going to use our settings to create our own pirate adventure stories. 
For Anti-bullying week we made friendship bracelets. We used straws and strong. We then exchanged bracelets with a friend and said something that we liked about them. 
We have been learning how to programme a Bee-Bot. We explored the different ways that a Bee-Bot can move. We found it moves forwards and backwards and can turn left and right. We have to remember to clear it's memory each time!
We then used what we had found out to direct the Bee-Bot around a treasure map. He visited mountains, a mermaid, a sword, a treasure chest and a parrot!
To launch our Pirates topic, we went on a trip to Hartlepool Maritime Museum. We had a tour of The Trincomalee and learned about the different jobs and artefacts on the ship. We held a jawbreaker that they would have used to silence misbehaving children!
We took part in a variety of pirate workshops. We cracked secret codes, tied knots and looked at mystery pirate objects. 
We dressed up as pirates and learnt some pirate sayings. 

June 2017

In topic, we have looked at different types of houses. We found that some of us live in detached, some of us live in terraced, some of us live in semi-detached and some of us live in flats.

We also looked at houses around the world- some children live in tree houses!


We used what we had learnt about different houses and designed our own. We used 3D shapes to do this and labelled our designs with the shapes that we had used.

Before half-term we looked at Performance Poetry in English. In small groups, we acted out different poems using actions, instruments and our voices.

Everybody's building -May 2017

We worked in groups to make three different shaped towers. We made one triangular, one circular and one squared. We then tested how many books each tower could hold. 
Our circular tower managed to hold 106 books. Amazing!

In pairs, we used split pins and orange strips of paper to make different 2D shapes and test how strong they were. We worked out that we couldn't make an oblong or a circle because the strips we were allowed to use were straight and all the same length. We made triangles, hexagons, pentagons, squares and diamonds. We found that the triangle was the strongest shape because it kept it's shape, whereas you could change the shape of the others. 

We then used the triangle to make the other shapes stronger. 
We have been looking at different ways that we can change the shapes of things. We used playdough and found that if we twisted, squeezed, squashed, rolled or flatten it that it's shape changed. 
We then worked in groups to design a bridge to get the Three Billy Goats Gruff across the river. We were only allowed to use paper, art straws and tape. We had to make sure that our bridge wouldn't be flattened or squashed like the playdough was!
We tested how many Billy Goats each bridge could hold, while the hungry troll lurked underneath the bridge. Some of our bridges managed to hold 6 Billy Goats. Others did not manage to hold any. We thought about why this might be and decided that next time we could make our bridges stronger by giving them a wider base, using art straws as a platform instead of paper and folding paper to make it stronger. 

May 2017

On the very first day of the summer term we were treated to a visit from Shrikant. He taught us different shapes and movements and we created an Indian dance. The moves were really fun and the music was very catchy! I hope your children have shared their dance at home with you. 
To celebrate Tour de Yorkshire we decorated bicycle biscuits that Mrs Webber had very kindly baked for us. 
We decorated them using blue and yellow icing. We hope you all had a wonderful time watching the Tour come through our beautiful city!
We have been designing and making shelters to keep The Three Little Pigs dry. We tested three different materials: plastic, fabric and paper. We had to make sure that we kept certain things the same so that it was a fair test. We worked in small groups to design and make our three shelters. 
We tested the shelters by pouring water on them. We decided that the plastic shelter kept the little pigs the driest because it was waterproof, strong and didn't have holes in. We had great fun!

April 2017

To practise our Learning Power of cooperation, we played the hoop game. We had to pass the hoop around the circle without letting go of our friend's hands. It was really good fun and quite tricky but we got faster and faster every time the hoop went around the circle. Class 2 are great at cooperating like Tim and Tina! 
We have been using our orienteering skills from PE in our topic lessons. We had to use the map of the school grounds to find different parts of a timeline of Captain Cook's life. We then put the events in order and acted them out. 
We used the Beebot to travel around Captain Cook's treasure map. Beebot can move left, right, forwards and backwards and we had to program him with the right directions to get from one place to another. Success! 

We have been busy making Easter decorations from clay. First, we had to roll out the clay and leave it to dry. 

Then we designed and decorated them using paint. 
Once they are dry we will thread them so that they can be hung up at home. We think they look great!

March 2017 - Captain Cook

Captain Cook came to visit and we were all aboard scrubbing the decks and hoisting the sails.
Here are the class weighing the anchor and preparing to set sail.