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Fire workshop - November 2017

Today we were lucky enough to have a visit from the Fire Service. They told us important information about what to do if there was a fire at home or in school. What's more, we were able to have a close look at their fire engine and all the different tools they use to help rescue people. 



WWI information afternoon

Last week, we had a woman from the church in to tell us about life in Ripon during WWI. She brought in a range of artefacts such as coins from 1914, identity cards and parts of uniforms from the war. 


In PE we have started to learn to play tag rugby; below you can see us trying out our new skills.

April 2017 - Tour de Yorkshire Adverts

March 2017 - Our trip to the Mercer Gallery

 Class 4 had a fantastic time at the Mercer Gallery and Pump Rooms in Harrogate.  
   We were able to examine exhibits and even handle a 6,000-year-old artefact!


We tried our hand at being scientists, measuring and recording what we found. We even got to wear lab-coats!

After lunch we were able to show off our embalming skills and place body organs inside Canopic jars. 

Don't forget, if you have a body to embalm, just ask a member of Class 4 and they will happily help you!