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Class 4

Forces topic

Today we linked our knowledge of air resistance with water resistance. We investigate whether a thin and long piece of clay would move through water quicker than a same sized piece of clay that was a flat round shape. Through our investigations we found that the clay with a smaller surface area would move quicker because it is more streamline.

The next part of our learning led us to investigate air resistance. We wanted to see how quickly things would fall and why some fell quicker than others. To gain a better understanding, we made three parachutes per group and tested them to see which would fall quicker. We changed the size of the parachute each time and found out the bigger the parachutes surface area the slower it would fall. Our scientific findings showed that if there is a larger surface area, then the air could get trapped and would slow down the fall.

Our new Science topic is forces. We started by looking at gravity and who discovered it. We found out Sir Isaac Newton was the reason to make the discovery and it all started with an apple! As part of working scientifically, we tested the effect the connection between mass and weight on a range of classroom objects.

WWI day

We had a wonderful time celebrating the end of World War one.


In preparation for our celebratory street party we made a range of snacks ready to share with our war time comrades. We used our rations to create a wonderful feast; Class four were in charge of making pea soup and most said it tasted delicious!

To ensure we were ready to celebrate we made centrepiece flowers, flags to show our patriotic pride and bunting to show what each of us did during the war. What’s more we were treated to some war time songs!


Mosque and Science museum trip - December 2017

We had a fantastic day visiting the Mosque and Science museum.

In the Mosque we were shown around by a member of the Islam community. He told us all about the different parts of the Mosque, how they use the prayer mats and about his faith.


It was a wonderful experience that was enjoyed by all!

In the afternoon, we visited the Science museum and it's Wonderlab! We were able top explore a range of crazy Science exhibits including the heat sensor, magic mirrors and hearing through our teeth.

Remember the Wonderlab's top tip: Science is all around you and you can make experiments anywhere!

Have you thought of any experiments you could try?


Fire workshop - November 2017

Today we were lucky enough to have a visit from the Fire Service. They told us important information about what to do if there was a fire at home or in school. What's more, we were able to have a close look at their fire engine and all the different tools they use to help rescue people. 



WWI information afternoon

Last week, we had a woman from the church in to tell us about life in Ripon during WWI. She brought in a range of artefacts such as coins from 1914, identity cards and parts of uniforms from the war. 


In PE we have started to learn to play tag rugby; below you can see us trying out our new skills.

April 2017 - Tour de Yorkshire Adverts

March 2017 - Our trip to the Mercer Gallery

 Class 4 had a fantastic time at the Mercer Gallery and Pump Rooms in Harrogate.  
   We were able to examine exhibits and even handle a 6,000-year-old artefact!


We tried our hand at being scientists, measuring and recording what we found. We even got to wear lab-coats!

After lunch we were able to show off our embalming skills and place body organs inside Canopic jars. 

Don't forget, if you have a body to embalm, just ask a member of Class 4 and they will happily help you!