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Class 5 


Over the last term, the Year 6 children have taken part in gymnastics for their PE lessons.  I was really impressed with the talent the children showed, but I was even more impressed with their great attitude and the progress they all made.

Christmas Celebrations

We had a lovely end to a very long and busy term.  At our Christmas party we did crafts and had a great time playing party games in the hall.  To top it off, we had delicious party food.  Then, encouraged by Class 5, Ms Martin took an 'elfie'. 

We hope you all had a fabulous Christmas and New Year.

World War 1 Celebration

On Thursday, Classes 4 and 5 celebrated the end of our World War 1 topic with a 'party'.  The children (and staff) dressed up - thank you for all your wonderful effort.  We did worry about some of the children who were insistent on wearing their coats and hats all day!

The children took part in several activities: Cooking some trench cakes; decorating bunting; singing music-hall songs and having a 'street party'.  It was a lot of fun and the children had a great time.

There was baking.

Mrs Lawson was looking very efficient.

And this is an example of one of our cakes.


Then we sang with Mrs Elcock

And finally we had our party.


Wonderlab - December 2017

On Thursday Class 4 and 5 went to Bradford to visit a mosque and to have a tour of the Bradford Science Museum.  Both were inspirational and extremely interesting places and the children were beautifully behaved throughout the day.  Below are some of the pictures we took in the science museum.  To see what happened in the mosque, have a look at the Class 4 web page.

At the museum there are lots of interesting things to see - including a dalek and -  much to Ms Martin's delight - toys from Play School.

We then went into the Wonderlab, which fascinated the children.  Lots of hands-on experiments with very interesting details to engage us in the science all around.

Can you imagine what is happening here?  And who on earth are these strange people?

Similarly here - can you spot some people you may know?



December 2017

We are having a very busy December and we will be updating our class page over the next week to show you all the wonderful things the children have been involved in.  Firstly, we all went to St. Wilfrid's Church last week to celebrate our class mass.  The children spoke beautifully and helped Fr. Michael celebrate Mass with proper respect and understanding.

Paired Reading

On Friday's Class 5 also help the younger children with their reading.  Class 2 children share their books with Class 5 and it is a part of the week that all the children look forward to.

November 2017

Welcome to Class 5's webpage.  We have been very busy the first half-term of the year and the children have settled down into our routine.  Following are some photos from some of the activities we've taken part in over the last few weeks.  Hope you enjoy them.

Cafod Game

For Cafod, the children raised money with a non-uniform day.  For RE, Class 4 and 5 are discussing Justice - what is fair and unfair.  With this in mind, we played a game from the Cafod website with a ball made from plastic bags which highlighted some of the injustices in the world.  The game also contained forfeits which the children took part in with great enthusiasm.


Courthouse Poetry

The Year 5s were invited to a poetry workshop at the Courthouse Museum as part of the Ripon Poetry Festival.  They wrote some amazing poems and were a credit to the school.  


St. Wilfrid's once again took part in the Ripon schools cross-country races and did us all proud.  The children ran their socks off and cheered themselves hoarse.  Well done our future Olympians.

Murton Park Stone Age Trip  June 2017

Class 5 had an amazing time on our trip to Murton Park to investigate what it was like to live in the Stone Age.  We hope you enjoy the photographs!

We all had to dress up in a tunic, belt and scarf.  We also had to give our leader a name.  We chose Wolf.

Wolf wanted to show us, using a tape measure, how far back in time we would be travelling on our trip.  Each centimetre equalled 100 years, so to go back 500, 000 years we had to pull the tape measure out to 50 metres.

Wolf explained about the evolution of our ancestors.  How straightening up made such a difference to what we were able to do.

Making fire is not an easy task but was crucial in our development.

Stone Age man had to deal with the Ice Age!

Wolf was telling us how important "stuff" was to our Stone Age ancestors.

This was our first sight of the Stone Age village.

When we met at the meeting place we had to decide what our tribe name would be  - Fierce knives.  

Wolf decided that this group were old enough, and sensible enough, to learn about burial rites in the Stone Age.  Looking at the children's faces you can see that they weren't too gloomy about the whole rite. 

Perhaps the children's favourite activity was hunting.  They had to creep stealthily through the forest using only sign language and teamwork in order to track the animals and then try to bring them down with their spears.  No animals (or children) were hurt in this activity!

It was exhausting being a Stone Age person.  Grinding grain with a stone took a great deal of effort.

Making beaker pots was fun.  The clay was cold and clammy - but this made it easy to manipulate.  Unfortunately, it also meant that the pots collapsed if we made them to thin.

Another activity was looking at things that may have been found in a Stone Age home and making detailed drawings.  Wolf described it as making our Stone Age Argos catalogue.

The children found hoeing the ground incredibly exhausting.  Using a wooden stick to dig a furrow in very hard soil was quite frustrating.


We finished the day with a story with Wolf.  He told us about Uzi, a stone-age man found in the Austrian Alps.  We sat in the round house and thought about what it would have been like to live in those conditions.

General Election June 2017

Class 5 took part in our own General Election this week.  The children worked in groups to come up with a manifesto and campaign to encourage the rest of the school to vote for their specific party.  The children worked with great enthusiasm in this project and with a great understanding of what the difficulties can be in gaining a majority vote!  

The parties involved in the election were: Kids Campaign; Going Green; Cheeseburger Lemon Squirt; Saviour Party.  

The Kids Campaign won with a manifesto of having less time in school, more Golden Time and a zip-wire to go across the playground. (Not sure they got many votes from the teachers!)

Bikeability: June 2017

Over the last week Year 6 have been able to take advantage of Bikeability training.  This consists of two sessions with experienced bicycle trainers who explain not only how to ride safely on the road but also the importance of bicycle maintenance and, of course, why you should always wear a bicycle helmet.  Unfortunately, the weather hasn't been too kind for our riders but they have participated with great enthusiasm and hopefully have learnt how to be safer riders.

Low Mill May 2017


We've had another fabulous weekend at Low Mill this year.  The children were spectacular in their adventurous spirit and fabulous behaviour.  Even the weather behaved and, for once, we had sunshine!  

Following are pictures from us gorge walking, canoeing, caving and marshmallows around the campfire.  We are sure the children will have great memories of the weekend and it was certainly a great way to celebrate the end of SATs.  Thank you Year Six for being superstars!







Indian Dance - April 2017

All the school enjoyed our Indian dance masterclass last week.  We were very impressed with the quality of our Year 5 and 6 dancers - boys and girls.  Good job Class 5.

Debating in Harrogate

Ms Martin took a group of Class 5 children to a Harrogate and area schools debating competition last Monday, held at the council offices in Harrogate.  The debate topic was: "Is homework a waste of time?"  The children were fantastic - even though they had to present their arguments first.  They were also amazing at taking notes to then present as questions to the other schools.  Great job Class 5!


Zumba Friday

We had a fantastic time dancing to some great tunes.  There are some amazing movers in Classes 4 and 5!



March 2017 - trip to museum part 2

March 2017 

Welcome to Class 5's new webpage.  Please forgive Mrs Lawson and Ms Martin for any mistakes - we are still coming to terms with 21st Century technology!

Hope you enjoy the photos of our trip to Harrogate Pump Rooms/Mercer Art Gallery last Friday.  We will download pictures from the other group later in the week.