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Autumn Term 2020

Photos of our learning to follow soon... 

Home Learning

Spelling Shed Scheme Stage 4 - Year 4
Spelling Shed Scheme Stage 5 - Year 5

Life Centre trip

After an early start we arrived in Newcastle ready for an action packed day of Science, History, Maths, DT and much more! Have a look below to see all the exciting things we got up to!

Our first stop was the Light, dark and shadows workshop in which we explored the science behind how we see. We looked at reflection, the impact of different materials and created our own shadow puppet show.


The next stop was for a caveman investigation to support the work we have been doing in school on the Stone Age! We handled real life bones and had to carefully work out how the animal had died and what type of animal it was.

After a quick lunch break, we tried our hand at rocket making! We had to use a range of prototype materials and decide which was the most effective and why. Some of us even managed to launch our rockets into successful orbit.

After the planetarium and just before the Science Show, we were able to use the discovery zone which was great fun!

World Book Day

A big thank you to all children and parents for the super outfits for World Book Day! We spend the day learning lots of new words and investigating books from around the world! We're on the hunt for books from different countries so please let us know if you find one you think we might not have!


Where will your reading take you?


Forest schools


Pancake race!

The year 5 children had a great day at the annual pancake day race! As they ran down from the cathedral, they flipped their pancakes in a competitive race to the finish line! All their hard work was rewarded with a (clean) pancake and a little chocolate egg.  


Eastern European day!

Thank you to all the children and parents who took time to create the wonderful outfits seen on our Eastern European day. A great day was had by all; we made traditional polish puddings, Russian dolls and had a go at the Romanian art of decorative eggs.

I’d also like to say a big thank you to Mrs Danila who came and gave a fantastic talk about Polish traditions and festivals. This was a great opportunity and the first-hand knowledge really added to our special day.






Scientific information report on the eye

Fraction fun

Panto Time

On Friday, we went, on mass, to Harrogate's Panto. This year we watched Snow White, a great afternoon cheering, booing and singing helped us all get into the festive spirit!


Man United vs AZ Alkmaar

Yesterday we had a very exciting trip to go watch the Man United vs AZ Alkmaar match at Old Trafford. It was a great game with Man United winning 4 - 0! Thank you for parents who came along to support our trip. A good night was had by all!

Synagogue visit 

 As part of out other faiths topic we were lucky enough to visit the Harrogate Synagogue. We had an informative talk with one of the members congregation who showed us the different parts of the synagogue and items of significance to people of the Jewish faith. One fact that was really impressive and that surprised us all was that a Torah is the length of a football pitch! We all had a go at trying to lift it like how it is done in a service however only a couple of our class managed!  

Harlow Carr

After our lovely morning, we had our lunch at Harlow Carr before the workshop. We spend the afternoon investigating Mondrian art and giving it a go ourselves. As we walked through the gardens at Harlow Carr we collected natural materials ready to use for our own artwork. The gardens were full of autumnal colours which were a great contrast with the mossy bright greens. Have a scroll through the photographs to see our creations!

Team work with Class 2

 DT at the Grammar

Year 5 have been having a fantastic time taking part in DT at the Grammar school making clocks. I can't wait to see the finished product!

Magical maths

In Maths we have been investigating: multiple, factors, prime, square and cube numbers! Have a look at some of the fun we had learning about these new concepts.

A trip to the opera


We had a wonderful afternoon watching students from Leeds University perform a range of operatic songs. All the children left feeling so enthused by the performances that on the way back to school we had a go at singing some opera ourselves!

Animal hunt!

As we didn’t have many ‘wild’ animals on the school field, we used the library to research facts about exciting species. We gathered information and used our summarising skills to help inform our partners about a range of living things!



Mrs McDonald has been working with Class 4 to create some amazing prints. The children made their own stencils and used them to create larger pictures; they look very impressive!

Water cycle



To continue our water topic, we created our own mini water cycles. The water cycle bags helped to show the processes of evaporation and condensation, if you looked really carefully after a hot day you could see little rain drops falling as precipitation!

Exploring the local area

Today we had a great trip out in our local area. We explored the stream that runs not far from school and measured the width and the depth of the water as well as its speed. Most of us managed to stay lovely and dry, although Miss Abbott along with a couple of children realised they has leaky wellies! After drying out in the lovely sun, we made our way up to Studley for lunch and to see if we could spot and classify any animals. We all managed to spot the deer and some children even managed to collect a grasshopper! Thank you children for a brilliant day, you were all super.





Cycle to the moon 

As we all know the UCI races are fast approaching and as part of the excitement we had an exercise bike arrive at school for the children to try clock up as many kilometres as they could. The children gave it their best and peddled as fast as they could, resulting in some very tired legs!


Invertebrate hunt

We had a great afternoon exploring the school grounds in search of various invertebrates. To put our invertebrate knowledge into action, we got stuck into the mud and delved deep to find different creatures to identify. Using our classification key we managed to identify: millipedes, beetles, worms, spiders and ants. We were shocked to find a frog appear as well, an exciting find even if it wasn’t an invertebrate!


Autumn 2019 Wonderful Animals!

 Welcome back! I hope you've all had a lovely summer and are ready to back. Please check the page regularly for updates!


60's day


Not only were the children super in last night’s performance but they were rocking the 1960’s outfits. They all looked amazing today for our 60’s day; thank you for all the time and effort that has been put into them. We spent the day experimenting with optical illusion art, making the traditional angle delight pudding and eating it with the classic that is Chitty Chitty Bang Bang!





Some of the children took part in a football tournament at SJF; all children said they had a great time!


 Fountains Abbey

 We had a great day at Fountains Abbey. We took it the beautiful sights and played some games as well as lots of walking. We managed over 6 miles; there were some very tired feet!



Skipping workshop



Sports day

What a super day we had yesterday.  Running, throwing, jumping to name just a few of the sporting activities the children took part in.

 Thank you to all the children who showed fantastic team spirit, tried their hardest and cheered for their team mates; I was very proud of all of you!

Refugee week

 We’ve had a full week looking at how difficult life can be for people who are refugees.

Our week started with looking at how tricky and scary it would be to pack up our house. We had a really thoughtful; discussion deciding what items we would take and discussed which would be most useful.

We spent time looking at people who were refugees and have now become famous including Malala, Anne Frank and Rita Ora. Some of us were surprised at their stories.

Year 5 were fortunate to have an insightful talk with a young girl who had made the journey over from Syria to Lebanon and then to the UK. Her story was very inspiring and I know I took a lot away from it as did the children.


Towards the end of the week we spent time looking at how Jesus was a refugee.

We wanted to know what we, as Christian’s, could do to help people who are currently refugees; we used our school virtues as a guide. Our virtues led us to a range of Bible quotes that showed guidance and gave us a clear message of what we should do for the best.

John 15:9 “This is my commandment, love one another as I have loved you.”

Matthew 7:12 “Always treat others as you would like to be treated.”

St Teresa of Kolkata “Let us greet each other with a smile for a smile is the beginning of love.”



 Finally we took part in a walk of solidarity for people who are refugees. We heard stories of their plight and spent time thinking about them, praying to keep them safe and hoping that they will find safety and home very soon.



 Walking in Jesus' footsteps

We have been working hard on developing our virtues in class 4, from honesty to self control, trust to respect, to name just a few. After spotting someone working hard to develop one of our virtues, a footprint to add to our class collection. On Thursday we finally completed our waking with Jesus footsteps and had an ice lolly to celebrate our hard work!


RE retreat

Class 4 had a wonderful morning taking part in an RE retreat. This special time allowed us to think about ourselves, our virtues and the year we have spent together. I very much enjoyed hearing all the children’s memories, thank you for sharing Class 4.


The Highwayman

This half term we have been studying the poem ‘The Highwayman’ and as our final project we accepted the challenge of adding another stanza to the already impressive poem. The children took this idea and ran with it, some had The Highwayman and Bess returning to get revenge on Tim, others had the ghosts haunting the King’s guards and someone gave them a happy ending by running away together. We have compiled the finished collection of poems into a book so we can share our ideas with the other children. Well done Class 4, they’re great!

Ring ring!

In Science, we started our unit on sound by making string telephones. We investigated how we hear sound and how the vibrations work. I think the photos show how much fun we had!

Film time


World Book Day

Yet again the children have surprised me with their amazing costumes inspired by a wide variety of book characters. Our classroom was transported into Hogwarts, a scene from various David Walliams stories and we had to find a few Wallys to name just few of the characters in Class 4. Thank you for all your hard work and support in making the day special.

Pancake race!

The year 5 children had an exciting morning participating in the annual Ripon Pancake Day race. To mark Shrove Tuesday, we had a race from the cathedral down the street whilst trying to flip our pancakes! Although some got a bit muddy, it was great fun and the prize of a fresh pancake at the end was the best topping to the day!



Viking day

 Viking day What a fantastic day we’ve had in class 4. We all transformed into Vikings and had a go at recreating their lifestyle. Not only did we make delicious bread, we made longships, scary figureheads to warn off any potential enemies and had a go at weaving a bookmark!


An action packed day concluded with sharing our homemade food with parents.


Thank you for taking time and putting in so much effort with your outfits, you all looked super!

Make and bake the Solar System

Today we made and baked our own version of our Solar System!

Tony Bradman on Skype

What a day, we skyped the author of our class text Viking boy.

Viking boy is an action packed adventure book that tells the story of Gunnar, a young Viking boy, and his journey to try bring his father back.

We came up with a list of questions to ask Tony Bradman about Viking boy, writing and reading. He was able to tell us his inspiration for the book, what inspired him to get into writing, where the ideas for his characters came from and his favourite part of the story amongst other things. This was a really exciting experience for the children (and staff) and I hope it inspires our big write tomorrow!

Yorkvik and The Dig 

What a fantastic day we’ve had a The Dig and Jorvik. Action packed and full of new experiences, we explored how archaeologists find out what life was like in the past. Did you know your rubbish tells a lot about you? It’s not only rubbish that is a good source of information, it’s also your bones and even your poo!

In the afternoon, we learnt about how the Vikings attacked Lindserfarm and the tactics they used to become fearless warriors. The children were shown how important a shield was in battle and even recreated a mini battle with their own shields. What’s more, some children were given a go at holding different weapons; the axe seemed a favourite of the invaders!

In dark and smelly Jorvik, we saw what Coppergate was like in the Viking times and could compare it to the modern street we walked down earlier in the day. Although it was very different we could still see examples of Viking life in modern day York.



Merry Christmas

We have had an action packed first term in class 4 and have spent the last couple of days getting into the Christmas spirit. The highlight was definitely our Christmas party; an afternoon full of dances, games and food.

Merry Christmas everyone, I hope you have a lovely break. See you in the new year.

Making model hearts and lungs

To finish our Science unit on the body, we had a go at creating model lungs and hearts. To make the model lungs, we used plastic bottles and balloons to show what it looks like when we inhale and then exhale. Next, for the model heart we used jars with balloons and then water to represent the blood. We recreated the pump with our thumb pushing down on the balloon. It worked really well and even showed us the function of our heart values.



 Advent is a very special time in the Catholic Church and in the upper school we have spent a whole week getting ourselves ready for the celebration of Jesus’ birthday. We looked at the signs and symbols of Advent, The Annunciation and spent time deciding whether or not Christmas has lost its true meaning.