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Class 1 - Early Years


 Class 1 2020-21

We had a fantastic afternoon at our Teddy Bears Picnic on Tuesday. The children talked about the teddy they had brought and why it was special for them. We had lots of fun in the park and then sat down together for a little picnic. There was lots of turn taking and team playing which was lovely to see plus lots of smiling faces! 
The children enjoyed making Father's Day cards for their Daddys. A little gift for the reception children's Dads was painting a portrait of them! The children did a great job of thinking carefully about what their dads look like. We hope you like them! 
What a fantastic afternoon we had at Ripon Cathedral! The children were amazing listeners and super sensible as we walked to and from school and were very respectful when in the special building. We were keeping our eyes peeled for some of the special objects we find in church like the pulpit, stain glass windows and the font. At the end of our visit we all sat together and said a prayer thanking God for the special place. Thank you to Ripon Cathedral for allowing us to come and providing a fun trail booklet for us to keep track of the things we had found. 
This week we have been looking at weight. The children enjoyed comparing the weights of the different treasure chests and putting them in order from the heaviest to the lightest. We talked about how objects can be small but still heavy and how big objects can be light. The challenge then was to find something in the classroom that was lighter than all the treasure chests, they did a great job at this!
Welcome aboard mateys! We had a fantastic day aboard out FSU pirate ship. The children used their role play skills in their pirate themed photos, enjoyed pretending to walk the plank outside using large construction and making their own pirate ships. 
The children did an amazing job of creating their paper plate pirates. They used a range of techniques and resources to create them including painting, drawing and cutting. 
PIRATES AHOY! The children have had a fantastic first day exploring our new topic of Pirates. We had lots of fun dressing up as pirates in our new pirate ship role play area, making eye patches, learning how to speak like a pirate and designing our own pirate and drawing them using oil pastels.  
In the story 'Farmer Duck' the animals work together to do all the jobs on the farm. This week in PE we did some team games where the children had to listen to each others ideas and plan how they were going to complete the activities. We had lots of fun completing the different activities and the children showed great skill in working as a team. 
Linking to our story of 'Farmer Duck' we did some observational paintings of some farm animals. The children looked really carefully at which animal they wanted to paint and used a one brush technique to paint their animal. 
Our story this week is 'Farmer Duck'. The children were given the task of designing their own farm. We thought about the different buildings and fields a farm would need. Once they had designed their farm they had to work together as a team to build a farm using small world. They listened carefully to each others ideas about where the animals should go and what they needed to keep the farm running smoothly. 
Our creative activity this week involved the children painting a pebble to look like the Ladybird from our focus story 'What the Ladybird Heard on Holiday.' The children did a great job of decorating the pebbles using very thin paintbrushes so we could see all the spots. 
3D shapes have been our Maths focus for this week. The children enjoyed going on a 3D shape hunt, making notes and taking pictures of the different objects they found. 'Guess the 3D shape' was a very popular game as the children had to describe a hidden shape using words like 'faces' and 'edges' as clues. The children did a fantastic job of describing the shapes and naming them correctly. 
When we were learning about the Queen we watched a video of one of her Birthdays and noticed that lots of people were waving flags when the Queen made an appearance. We talked about this flag being the Union Jack, the flag of the United Kingdom. The children were keen to look at other flags so we looked at the Polish, American, Korean and Czechoslovakian flag as we have some parents from those countries in our class. Designing their own flags for FSU was a great hit and the children worked hard colouring in their own Union Jack correctly. 
This week we have been looking at the story 'What the Ladybird Heard on Holiday.' The story is about some robbers who try and steal the Queen's Crown Jewels. We decided to find out a bit more about the Queen and her crown. We then used a range of resources to make our own crown like the Queen.
In RE this week we recapped what we had learned about Mary and why she is a special lady. We know that she is our special mum in Heaven who looks after us like God does. We then thought about our own special mummies. We talked about what we love about our mums and what makes them special to us. The children worked really hard painting pictures of their mums, thinking really carefully about what they look like and what colours they need to use. 
'What the Ladybird Heard' has been our focus story for this week and it gave us the perfect opportunity to practise using positional language. The children enjoyed a range of activities focusing on using language like under, behind, in front, over and next to. We completed an obstacle course where we had to follow certain instructions and we then made our own map of the course and told someone else the instructions so they did it correctly. The bee-bots were very popular this week as the children enjoyed planning a route for the bee-bot and then giving him the correct instructions to get there. 
This week in RE we have been thinking about Mary. May is Mary's special month so we take this time to talk about why Mary is a such a special lady. The children recognised that Mary was special for lots of reasons, she is Jesus's Mum, she looks down on us from Heaven as she is the Queen of Heaven and she is the Queen of May. We made Mary crowns and flowers to say thank you for all she has done for us. The children enjoy bringing flowers in for Mary and crowning Mary during our Act of Worship. 
Our story this week has been 'What the Ladybird Heard.' We looked closely at ladybirds and what they look like and used this to help us with some Ladybird Art.
We decided to design and make posters to promote healthy eating. The children came up with lots of great ideas of what fruits and vegetables do for us and why it's important to eat lots of them. 
We decided to find out what our class favourite fruit was. We recorded the results using a pictogram, one picture to represent one person's vote. Strawberry was our class favourite and the children did a super job of answering some tricky questions about our results including 'how many more children chose strawberry and not watermelon?'
This week our story has been 'Oliver's Fruit Salad.' We learned that fruits have got seeds in them and explored a range of fruits using knives and tweezers to find the seeds. Once we found them we used the magnifying glass to see what they looked like close up. The children also tried to match up seeds to what they grow into. 
This week our focus story has been 'Oliver Vegetables'. We have talked about fruits and vegetables and how they are healthy foods which we should eat 5 a day of. We sorted foods into healthy and not healthy groups and made ourselves a healthy lunchbox. The children understood that we can eat the not healthy foods but they would be treats and not something we would eat everyday.
This week in RE we have been looking at the story of when Jesus went back to Heaven. We talked about how his Disciples were feeling when Jesus went up into the clouds and that they knew that Jesus would always be with them. We learned that this special day had a name, Ascension Day. The children did a range of activities to help them remember and retell this important story. 
We designed and built our own castle like the Giant's castle from Jack and the Beanstalk. We looked at different castles and talked about what features they had. We used a range of resources to make our castles and then went round and discussed what we liked about each castle and the person who made it thought about what they could do to improve it.
Following our story for this week which was Jack and the Beanstalk we found some Giant's footprints in our classroom and experimented with different ways to measure them. We used cubes, our hands and our feet to measure the footprints and decided which way would be the best for measuring each footprint based on its size.

In RE this week we talked about the Easter story and the amazing thing that happened on Easter Sunday, that Jesus rose again!

We thought about other things that come back to life and the changes we have noticed around us as Spring has arrived. We explored our outdoor area and looked for signs of New Life and found lots of new flowers, some bulbs and there were lots of leaves on the trees. 

What a fantastic day we have had for the FSU Christmas Party! We were lucky to have a very special visitor come and say hello to the children and make sure they were all being good! We had some very excited children and staff!
Thank you to the SWA for the lovely Christmas presents for the class! 
We have done lots of practical and fun activities to help the children really understand the number 3. We played noughts and crosses, went on a triangle hunt and looked at different ways we can make 3!
The children had great fun being number detectives on Monday! We looked really closely around the whole classroom to see what we could find that showed 3. 


As lots of us are working hard to write our own names, it is important that we have strong fingers to help us hold our pencils. Dough disco is a great way to get our fingers working, it is also a fun activity which everyone enjoys!


Christmas has arrived in the Foundation Stage Unit! The children were all surprised to find the tree in the classroom on Monday morning. The children tried to solve the mystery of who had put it up! 


We have found out that Advent is time for getting our hearts ready for Christmas when we celebrate Baby Jesus' birthday. We made our own Advent wreaths using a range of different materials and talked about what the 4 candles meant. We are looking forward to lighting a candle for each Sunday in Advent.


We have had great fun exploring number 2! We made our own shopping lists, had a £2 and 2p shop and looked at what numbers we can add together to make 2. 


This week we have been exploring the Hindu Festival of Light, Diwali. The children have made Rangoli patterns using a range of resources and we have looked at the different ways the Hindu people celebrate. We changed our Act of Worship table and had a row of Diva lamps and candles as the word Diwali means 'a row of lamps'. The children noticed that there were some similarities between Diwali and some of the celebrations we have. 


This week in RE we have learned about Angel Gabriel visiting Mary to tell her she would have a special baby called Jesus. We loved retelling the story using puppets and dressing up. 


In Maths we have started exploring different numbers using the Maths Mastery approach. Our first numbers were 0 and 1. We used a range of activities to gain a deeper understanding of the numbers and be able to recognise and form the numbers correctly. 


We have had great fun exploring more sounds in our Phonics lessons! Making a gold, glittery g was a particular favourite with one child quoting 'it's magic!'


We have been improving our physical development while having lots of Autumn fun this week. Children have been practising their fine motor skills and hand eye coordination using a range of Autumn resources.


We used pumpkins in both our shape, space and measure and number work this week. We sequenced the pumpkins by size, identifying which were the biggest and smallest or heaviest and lightest. We based our number work on the song '5 little pumpkins sitting on a gate.'


In our number work this week we have done lots of fun and exciting activities all about matching and sorting. We discovered what the words describe, similar, different and same mean and used this to help us match objects and sort them into different groups. A  particular favourite was pegging the matching pairs of socks onto the washing line! 


We did lots of practical activities to further support the children in recognising the new sounds taught this week. 


We have been learning all about what makes us special and unique. We discovered that everyone has their own individual fingerprint and printed a heart around the drawing we made of ourselves. When reading the book 'I am Special' we all took a turn at finding out who the special person was at the end. We then used the mirror to guide us when painting our self portraits. 


The children have been so enthusiastic about learning more sounds and have really enjoyed representing them in different ways while chanting the rhymes to help us form the letters correctly. I'm sure you will hear lots of 'round the apple and down the leaf' and the song 'a a ants on my arm' over the weekend!


On Monday we had our first Phonics lesson. We focused on the sound 's' and learned how to say it and write it. The children enjoyed a range of activities to help embed their learning including threading a 's' and making it into a snake, making a 's' in play dough and using our rhyme 'we slither down the snake' to help us paint a 's'!


You should have all now received information regarding the Curriculum zoom meeting which will be taking place on Tuesday 29th September at 6pm. The invitation for the zoom meeting will follow on Monday and we hope to see as many of you as possible on the night!


This week in RE, we continued the story of Creation. The children all took turns to add different items to our representation of The Creation Story. 

The children remembered lots of details:

"God made planets and the animals, he made the birds and the fish, the sky and the sea."

"He made the light and the moon, last he made people then he had a big rest."

"At first it was dark and then God made light. Then he made the sky and the clouds, then he made everything else. On day number seven he rested because he had done lots of work."


Today in RE we started to learn about The Creation Story and all the colours in God's Wonderful World. Each child picked their favourite colour ribbon and told the class why they had chosen it. The children had amazing ideas, red represented roses and fire from a dragon. White was fluffy clouds and snowflakes, green was leaves and apples growing on the trees, we even had a blue moon!


Welcome to our new Reception Class!


We have had a fantastic week getting to know all the children and they have been absolute superstars, especially the children who are new to St Wilfrid's School.

We are settling in great to new routines, snack time is proving to be very popular and the children are making lots of new friends. 


Class 1 2019-20

On Tuesday afternoon we went to Brimham Rocks Adventure Farm. We were very excited about going on the bus and enjoyed talking about the things we could see from our seat. When we arrived we ate our packed lunches before we had some time in the play barn. We loved climbing, jumping and sliding down the big slide while some of us had fun in the role play area. Next, we got to meet the different animals that the farm have living there. We fed baby lambs and stroked a range of animals from an alpaca to a big pig. Before we left, we made delicious milkshakes! First we chopped the fruit, then added ice cream and then it was blended with milk to create a smooth, frothy milkshake. Everyone enjoyed them, including the teachers! 

Thank you to the farmer and his staff for providing us with a wonderful experience which was fun and educational! If any parents are looking for a day out with their children we would highly recommend a visit! Have a look at their website for more information. 


"Who will help me make the bread?" said Mrs Harland. "We will" replied the children. This week we have been looking at the story 'The Little Red Hen'. After reading the story and learning how the Little Red Hen made the bread, we decided to have a go at it ourselves. The classroom smelt wonderful and the children really enjoyed taking their bread home for tea (if it got as far as home). 


In RE this week we focused on how and why we say sorry. We acted out the story of Zacchaeus and everyone made a movable picture of Zacchaeus coming down from the tree. We used the duplo and magnetic shapes to represent what we had heard in the story. 


On Friday 28th February we celebrated World Book Day. It was hard to recognise some of the children in their fantastic outfits. We had a fun and busy day with all our activities planned around some of our favourite stories. At the end of the day we enjoyed listening to stories in different classrooms and with different groups of children.


We incorporated our Valentines day celebrations into our maths activities this week. We did lots of weighing, measuring and talking about shapes. Everyone made a heart shaped biscuit and when decorating we investigated different ways of showing 8 using 2 different coloured smarties. 


In RE, we learned about the miracle healing of the man who could not walk at the pool of Bethesda. We talked about how lucky we are to have wonderful doctors and nurses who help to make us better. We had a lovely afternoon dressing up and pretending to be doctors and nurses. The playmobil hospital was a very popular choice for the children!



Kung Hei Fat Choi!

This week we have celebrated the lunar new year! This year is the year of the rat.


We added a panel to our dragon and performed our dragon dance for some of the other classes at school!   


We finished the week with a new year party where we ate noodles, prawn crackers, vegetables spring rolls and every child took a fortune cookie home! 


Dear Zoo

We found some strange parcels in our outdoor area...they were from the zoo!


They had sent us lions, monkeys, frogs and snakes. We thought they were very strange pets so we decided to send them back!



Autumn 2019

At the end of a busy week we celebrated by having our class Christmas party. We hope the children had as much fun as we did! 


We were so proud of each and every one of our children who sang their hearts out and never stopped smiling! 


The nursery children along with their parents and siblings were invited to a Christmas concert at Borrage House. We had great fun dancing along to the Christmas songs and also gave the residents a preview of our Nativity Play, which some of the residents came to see at school. We would like to wish everyone at Borrage House a very happy Christmas and look forward to seeing you in the New Year. 


For the last few weeks we have been exploring number 5. The children have enjoyed a range of activities including number formation in shaving foam, matching numbers to 5, addition and subtraction to 5, making 5 gingerbread men and becoming number 5 detectives in the classroom. A favourite for the children was learning about ordering 5 which came with a catchy jingle which we keep hearing in the classroom. 'I'm bigger than you, I'm smaller than you, diddly diddly do'


We had a very dull and sad Christmas tree in our investigation area. The children were the given the task of making decorations for it. They used their imagination to make their own baubles. We wonder if anyone will make a fairy for the top? 


The children were very excited to see that a Christmas tree had arrived over the weekend! The children have enjoyed acting out the nativity story with the small world and telling Christmas stories to the puppets. 


In RE the children talked about the start of Advent. Everyone made their own advent wreath using holly tinsel and pipe cleaner candles to take home. We made a class advent wreath using evergreen leaves for our Act of Worship table. We are all getting our hearts ready for Christmas.


Each week we practise our gross motor skills during our squiggle sessions. After dancing with our flipper flappers we recreate the shapes using different media. This week we had lots of fun making circles in the shaving foam! 


In RE we are starting to get ready for Advent. We heard the story about Angel Gabriel coming to see Mary to ask her to be the mother of God's son. We acted out the story using stick puppets and by pretending to be Angel Gabriel and Mary. We enjoyed making pictures of Angel Gabriel and wrote about what happened in the story and how Mary felt.


Our first 2 weeks back have all been about number 4. We have explored number 4 in a range of ways and enjoyed lots of practical activities in our learning.


This week in phonics we have been learning the sounds j, v and w. The highlight was definitely making jelly and then enjoying eating it. The children worked together to cut up the jelly cubes, melt the jelly by stirring in hot water and pouring it carefully into the mould. 


On Tuesday 12th November the nursery children joined the Mayor and Mayoress of Harrogate to plant snowdrop bulbs in Minister gardens. We are looking forward to going back in the Spring to see them flowering!


We hope you all have a fun filled week and we look forward to hearing about all of your adventures on the first day back, Tuesday 5th November!


For the last two weeks, the children have been learning all about number 3. They have been searching the classroom from top to bottom looking for anything that is either 3 or there is 3 of. We enjoyed hunting for triangles and cylinders as they both show 3, 3 sides on a triangle and 3 faces on a cylinder. The children learned how to play noughts and crosses and what numbers add together to make 3. 


This week in phonics we have explored more sounds and had fun doing practical activities to enhance the children's learning. A particular favourite was Rory the Robot which the children designed and made themselves by working together as a group. 


The nursery children had another wonderful visit to Borrage House. They loved going on the minibus and following the rhyming clues on our autumn hunt around the garden. Everyone had juice and biscuits before we had an exciting disco, dancing with pom poms. Before they left they visited some of the residents in their rooms and entertained them by singing nursery rhymes. 

Thank you to the staff and residents of Borrage House, we look forward to seeing you again soon!


All sealed and ready to go! The children worked very hard making their Gruffalo Crumble so we hoped they all enjoyed them!

Next, we had to prepare the crumble and the apple filling. We had to mix the flour and butter together using our fingers until it looked like crumbs, then we added the oats and brown sugar. The children were extremely careful while cutting up the pieces of apple and blackberries for the filling and enjoyed adding the secret ingredient, cinnamon! The children made their own individual crumble in a tray ready to go in the oven. 

One of our parents was kind enough to bring us some apples this week so we saw it as a perfect opportunity to bake some apple crumble to link with our new sound 'c'. The children started by weighing out all the ingredients. They concentrated very hard and worked together as a team to make sure they measured out the ingredients correctly. 


For the past 2 weeks we have been exploring number 2. We have been looking at how number 2 can be represented in a range of ways including different coins and the time of the day. The children dusted off their magnifying glasses and became number 2 detectives searching for anything they could find that showed 2. We were introduced to part part whole models and how 1 and another 1 makes 2. Printing, number 2 jigsaws and a shopping list of 2 proved to be great fun and the children got to show their knowledge and understanding of 2. 


In RE this week we have been looking at how God made us special. We explored what is different about us and how that makes us unique because there is no one else like us. We also read a very interesting book that had a surprise at the end!


Signs of Autumn have appeared in the foundation unit this week with pumpkins in our investigation station. The children have enjoyed using the magnifying glasses to observe what they look like and have even been ordering them by size from smallest to biggest. 


In phonics this week we have been looking at d, g and o. We have enjoyed having a go at fun, hands on activities to practice and help us remember each sound. We have made dinosaurs using a d, glittery gold g's and orange octopuses. 


In Mathematics we have been exploring all aspects of number 1. We watched our first Numberblock video where we met number 1. The children became number 1 detectives and created a table display of all the things they found 1 of. We learnt how to write the numeral for 1, we searched for circles around the classroom as they have one side and we found out what is one more and one less than 1. 


The nursery children have been learning about different fruits in God's world. They tasted mango, blueberries, passion fruit, grapes, apples, bananas, raspberries and pears. The children talked about their favourite fruit and joined in with a prayer thanking God for all the good things we have to eat.  


This week the children have been introduced to sounds p, i and n. We have enjoyed printing p's on a pink pig, making our own inky mouse and making group collages of things beginning with n. The children have been keen to independently practise their letter formation skills during child initiated learning time. 


A massive thank you to all the parents who were able to attend our Reception information evening this week!

We hope you found it interesting, if you have any queries please come and see us. We hope the handouts that everyone received are helpful in supporting your child's learning. 


This week saw the start of our Phonics sessions. The children have been very keen to learn new sounds and consolidate their learning through fun and practical activities. So far we have learned s, a and t. We all got a phonics folder so we can share our learning at home with our parents and carers. Please remember to keep these folders in book bags as we will be adding new sounds on a regular basis. 


This term in RE we will be focusing on God's World, how we care for it and how God made us special. The children enjoyed using the small world resources to follow the 7 days of Creation Story. We finger printed a map of the world and decorated numbers 1-7 showing what happened on each day. 

Autumn 2019

This was the children's reaction to whether they had had a good first week at school! The children have had an amazing week settling into the Foundation Stage. We are extremely proud of how they have coped with a very busy and tiring first few days.

We look forward to having lots more fun next week, and the weeks that follow!