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RE at St Wilfrid’s Catholic Primary School

 “Learning to Love, Loving to Learn”

At St Wilfrid’s, following Jesus is at the centre of everything we do.

We follow our Golden Rules, signposts on our journey to be more like Jesus. They are displayed in each class and are reinforced in Acts of Worship and within class.

Each child has a Walking with Jesus card, which contains footprints that can be initialled by staff, for general good behaviour.

Certificates are issued when a child has achieved 25, 50, 75 and 100, when they will also receive a special book.

Our Creative RE Curriculum allows the children to explore key questions of life from the Christian tradition and other major traditions (Attainment Target 1- learning about Religion) and how to put what they’ve learnt into practice (Attainment Target 2 – learning from Religion). They are then in a position to make links, question and give personal responses.

“Religious Education is the "core of the core curriculum" in a Catholic school (Pope St John Paul II). Placing RE at the core of the curriculum in Catholic schools helps the school to fulfil its mission to educate the whole person in discerning the meaning of their existence.” (Catholic Education Service)

“Learning about the religion and cultures of those who do not share the Catholic faith is one of the ways in which Catholic schools embody the call to love one’s neighbour. It prepares the pupils in our Catholic schools for life in modern Britain, giving them an understanding of the beliefs of others.” (Catholic Education Service)

We have a special working relationship with our Parish Priest, Fr. Philip, and the whole school attend Mass at least once a term, with individual classes taking part in the Parish Mass each term.

 The latest RE Inspection can be accessed here.